4 Things to Avoid After Getting a Flu Shot

When flu season comes, everyone rushes to get their flu shots. It is recommended that any individual older than six months should get their flu shots. However, you can skip it if you have a health condition that prevents you from taking the influenza vaccine. The...

Top 6 Signs That Indicate Your Perimenopause Is Finally Ending

Just like how caterpillars swaddle themselves in layers of a cocoon to become a butterfly, women have the transitional stage of perimenopause. It’s the phase that helps a woman move toward menopause. Perimenopause can be seen as a testing stage, a glimpse of what’s to...

Why Does Menopause Cause Unnecessary Weight Gain?

It’s normal for your worldview to change as you grow older. Whether it’s your emotions, health, or skin, it doesn’t matter. Almost everything gets affected by the passage of time. The wiser you get, the more battle scars you collect, especially for women. Not only do...
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