Did you finally decide to add collagen supplements to your routine? There’s so much buzz surrounding this protein about the numerous benefits it offers. So it’s totally reasonable that you’ll want to unlock as many benefits as you can when taking collagen. You may have come across many claims regarding the best time to take collagen. Carry on reading this blog to learn when you should consider taking your collagen supplement.


What Is Considered the Best Time to Take Collagen?

People claim different things about the best time to take collagen. Some swear by taking it on an empty stomach, while others suggest using it as a snack. But which one is it? And why?

Here are some explanations regarding different times to take collagen:

1. Taking Collagen on an Empty Stomach

Many individuals believe that the best time to take collagen supplements is in the morning, on an empty stomach. This is because they think the body breaks down collagen and other proteins better when you take them on an empty stomach.

Our stomach produces acid, which helps break down and digest food. Hence, even the sight and smell of food can stimulate acid production. However, collagen can survive passage through your stomach. All in all, it doesn’t really matter that much if you take collagen on a full or empty stomach. Since protein breakdown mostly happens in the small intestine, a full or empty stomach won’t make that big a difference.

2. Taking Collagen as a Snack

Some people believe mixing collagen with smoothie and coffee is best, as it will keep you full longer. Therefore, you won’t be tempted to eat something less healthy during the day. In reality, collagen supplements won’t fill you up, but what you take them with. Each collagen supplement has a small volume. Nevertheless, consuming something that contains fiber or fat along with the supplement could satisfy your appetite better. Thus, it has to do with what else you eat, not collagen supplements.

3. Taking Collagen at Night

Your body naturally recovers while you sleep. Therefore, some people claim that this is the best time to take collagen. This is because they assume that when the recovery cycle syncs with amino acids, they’ll be more beneficial.

There are no studies that can confirm this claim. Hence, collagen works equally well whether you take it at night or in the morning. Moreover, collagen takes three to five hours to reach your small intestine, so syncing it up with your REM cycle can be challenging.


What’s the Conclusion?

There are many suggestions on the best time to take collagen supplements. So how do you know which claim to believe? You can take collagen whenever it suits you. In addition, you can take advice from your healthcare provider and see what works best for you. At the end of the day, the goal is to get the collagen inside, regardless of the time you take it.

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