In this age of dry shampoos and hair sprays, we all want something that improves our hair. Luckily, collagen can show immense benefits when it comes to your hair. Consumers claim that taking collagen supplements could help with hair growth, hair loss, and — to some extent — hair graying. However, more research is needed. Continue reading to learn the benefits of collagen for hair.


What are the Benefits of Collagen for Hair?

Collagen supplements are an excellent choice for enhancing your hair, skin, nails, and more. But what exactly are the collagen benefits for hair? Well, it could help prevent graying, hair loss, and more. Here are some collagen benefits for your hair:

1. Provides Amino Acids

Keratin is the primary protein that makes up our hair, and our body uses many amino acids to build this protein. Some of these proteins are found in collagen. Hence, your body breaks down the proteins you consume into amino acids to build new proteins and compounds. Although human studies on collagen’s effect on hair growth are lacking, consumers claim it helps. Thus, collagen contains some amino acids that makeup keratin, which could help with hair growth.

2. Fights Damage to Hair Follicles

Did you know collagen could help prevent damage to your hair follicles? By acting as an antioxidant, collagen fights the free radicals that may harm your hair.

Stress, air pollutants, poor diet, smoking, and other factors can develop free radicals in your body. An abundance of free radicals is not good news for your cells, proteins, and DNA. To fight off these free radicals, your body requires antioxidants. Collagen is believed to have strong antioxidant activity, especially if it comes from fish scales. Nevertheless, research on collagen’s effectiveness in fighting free radicals and preventing hair damage is limited.

3. Prevents Hair Thinning Due to Aging

Collagen may be able to help prevent hair thinning that occurs due to aging. The middle of your skin, the dermis, contains the root of each hair. About 70% of the dermis is made up of collagen. Moreover, collagen might contribute to the strength and elasticity of your hair.

As you age, your body starts producing less college and slows down the replenishing of cells in the dermis. Consequently, your hair gets thin with aging. But consuming collagen could be beneficial for your hair, as it can help keep your dermis healthy.

In short, collagen might help prevent hair thinning that occurs with aging.

4. Slows Graying

Genetics can contribute to hair graying. Furthermore, free radicals can damage the cells that produce hair color.

Melatonin pigment gives color to your hair, but the cells that produce it die as you age. Free radicals can also be why these cells die. Therefore, you may notice gray hair as your body doesn’t have sufficient antioxidants.

Collagen can help slow hair graying as it may act as an antioxidant. Thus, collagen could slow graying and hair damage.


What to Do Next?

Collagen benefits for hair are many. Plus, you can easily add collagen supplements to your routine. Consult your healthcare provider, and buy the best collagen supplements for hair at Rxology. We are a few digits away at:

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