So you gave in to the hype around collagen supplements and couldn’t resist getting them. Good for you! Since collagen is extremely beneficial for hair, nails, skin, etc., everyone is looking for more information on this protein. When we add a new supplement to our routine, we can’t wait to see the results. Hence, you must be wondering how long it takes for collagen supplements to work. Carry on reading to learn the facts regarding the time it takes for the collagen supplement to start showing results.


How Long Before Collagen Supplements Work & Show Results?

Collagen effectiveness first appears in the nails and skin, according to consumers. However, more research is required to verify what benefits of collagen are felt first. Collagen regeneration could take longer to occur in the bones, muscles, and joints.

Here are some facts on how long it will take for collagen supplements to work on the skin, joints, muscles, and more:

1. Skin

Your skin might start showing results within three months of taking collagen supplements. But don’t stop when the changes occur, continue taking the supplement to sustain the benefits. This is because our body produces an enzyme that constantly breaks down collagen.

2. Joints

Taking collagen supplements may help with early bone and joint degeneration. However, research is needed to confirm if it can treat or reverse advanced joint disease. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of collagen supplements might depend on a bunch of factors. For instance, the body part you want to support, the dose, and more play a role in how long collagen supplements will take to work. Furthermore, daily implementation of collagen for six months could show improvements in knee cartilage as well.

3. Muscles

The collagen results for muscles depend on what your aim is. Hence, improvement in muscle soreness following a strenuous exercise might start by day 2. Moreover, it’ll take three months of collagen supplements and resistance training if you’re looking for enhanced muscle mass. Some studies show it positively impacts body composition and regional muscle strength in pregnant women. In addition, older men also enjoy benefits for muscle mass and body composition.

4. Bones

Since the natural, physiological timeline for bone turnover is long, collagen supplements could take around a year to work for bones. Not only this, but studies show enhanced bone density at 12 months in postmenopausal women after consuming collagen peptides daily for a year.

5. Hair & Nails

When it comes to hair, there’s no definite time frame to expect the results. This is because there’s not a lot of research to confirm this. But collagen supplements might take 24 weeks to work for nails. Thus, you may notice an improvement in nail strength and brittleness.


Does Anything Affect How Long Collagen Will Take to Work?

However, how long collagen will take to work might vary from person to person. Every person is different, and every collagen supplement is not made the same. Therefore, here are a few factors that might affect how fast collagen works:

• Dosage
• Diet
• Type of Collagen


What’s Next?

Consult your healthcare provider on which collagen supplement to go for. Then, depending on how long the collagen supplements will take to work, you can enjoy the benefits it offers. Rxology has collagen and many supplements for you. You can give us a ring at:

• 844-460-0298 (Toll-Free)
• 773-692-7682 (Local)

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